So You Want To Invest In Gold? Here are some hurdles in your path.
Gold is not cheap

Gold runs about $1200 dollars an ounce. Not many people have $1200 lying around.Most gold is sold in fixed amounts  so you cant buy half of a gold coin or 25% of an ounce. You must be able to afford it all.

Gold Is Not Easy To Access

Most people don't know how to find it. Where to buy it. If you pass this obstacle, where would you store it. Safety deposit box or in a safe at home. What if you wanted to sell it, how would you do it. Where would you find a buyer? How would you advertise your gold for sale.

I know thought it would be easy.

How Can You Use It.

Now that you have gold how do you use it other than a store of value? Can you pull it out of your wallet and buy groceries or pay bills with it. Can you go online and shop for goods and services? How can you use it today, not 50 years from now?

You obviously need something flexible that can be used in everyday situations.


Buying gold was something only the wealthy was able to do in the past. It was quite practical as their intention was to store this gold as a hedge in the event of economic turbulence. But what if you wanted to sell some of the gold your'e holding.

 One of the things we have to consider when buying gold is how do I sell it quickly when I am ready. This is very challenging considering the fact that if it were a bar or prehaps a coin you were holding you would have to sell the entire thing. You couldn't sell half a bar and keep the other half.

Now thanks to Karatbars International you can buy gold in very small increments as small as 0.1 grams at affordable prices. You could buy some this week, some next week and so as you can afford to do so. No more waiting to save up a large sum. Your gold ownership can start when you can afford 0.1 grams.

Karatbars sells company branded gold bars, as well as other gold collector items.

  • All gold is 999.99 pure gold bullion. 
  • All gold comes from an LBMA accredited refinery.
  • Several Fraud prevention security features 
  • Free storage or insured Fed ex delivery to 120 countries worldwide.

Here's where it gets even better.....

This company will provide the means for you to sell your gold back to them if you so desire. Wow!

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Invented by Karatbars, cash gold is both cash and gold. It is similar to a banknote except it is embedded with pure 999.9 gold bullion. These notes are counterfeit proof with 14 distinct security features.

CASHGOLD’s value can be verified at any time, anywhere in the world. Accepted accordingly, CASHGOLD is used the same as cash.

Moreover, CASHGOLD offers the user the opportunity to successively build a personal gold reserve as a manageable tool of wealth building.

It comes in 4 different weight values of gold: 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.4g and 0.6g.

Cashgold can easily be converted back to currency

Order a starter pack that contains select quantities of all 4 notes today

CashGold Note
CashGold .6 gram note

How you will be able to use Cash Gold

A Network of Trust: That's K-Exchange

It's an innovation of Karatbars International: a shopping community based on trust in gold. Imagine a network of stores and online shops that accept gold both physically -( Cash Gold) - and virtually - (KaratPay) - as a means of exchange and payment. Worldwide, with maximum security. Customers can pay each other or businesses using physical gold or online via KaratPay.

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To date the K-Exchange has over 300,000 registered business Partners and growing. The K-Exchange offers its customers the ability to use gold as a hedge against inflation by allowing you to pay with gold for goods and services. 

Dont miss out on this amazing opportunity to invest in something that is stable even in times of economic instability.

Cash Gold

 How can you order your Cashgold?

Register as a customer here and follow the simple login procedure. After that, simply order your CashGold in the desired quantity and have it delivered to your home, safely and quickly. From now on, you should always look out for the K-Exchange-Logo which our partners in the community proudly bear

There are 2 options when registering at Karatbars,

Register as an customer or as an affiliate. Both options are totally free. 
However if you choose to become an affiliate you will be presented with opportunities to get FREE gold.

The Karatbars Ecosystem 

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The Karatbars Ecosystem

Cryptocurrency Backed By Real Gold

Cryptocurriencies are growing in numbers everyday. There are hundreds of cryptos out there so its difficult choosing the ones you want to have in your portfolio.

 Let me introduce you to a unique cryptocurrency you may not have heard of. It is fully backed by gold.